View Full Version : Pirated game out !!! WHAT IS THE POINT OF AL THIS ?

14-11-2008, 21:51
I am so extremely angry... we al knew SI would not be able to prevent the game from being pirated. What happend is that ALOT of people had problems with the installation of the game. The game being released over steam and so on and so on. Al this to prevent people from downloading the game Pirated. And what happends... yep the game still gets released pirated version.

I just cant believe that SI did such a big mistake in my opinion. If you were gonna do an activation thing there should have been a CD image downloadable from SI site or torrent. And then just credit card to buy the activation code. And actually make the activation work instead of having overloaded servers.

Its just frustrating cause you guys have so many fanatic players and i am one of them.