View Full Version : direct sound error-2004287480

14-11-2008, 21:48
i get this error as i am about to enter a match, then it closes the game and i have no link to click on to get back on the game.

14-11-2008, 21:51
me too. its really annoying as 3d and 2d worked on the demo

14-11-2008, 21:52
it is very annoying, what have u done about it sic123.

14-11-2008, 21:54
nothing. I've tried both views and i'm a bit p****d as I had a similar problem on my dad's laptop last year, despite it easily meeting the specification

14-11-2008, 22:30
just found that it works in windowed mode

Daniel Foster
14-11-2008, 23:02
Options > Preferences > Display & Sound > Untick the 'Play Sounds' box in the bottom right hand corner and put Sound Cache to None and it works fine.

For me, anyway.

16-11-2008, 00:06
Options > Preferences > Display & Sound > Untick the 'Play Sounds' box in the bottom right hand corner and put Sound Cache to None and it works fine.

For me, anyway.

This is how i got mime working on my laptop, still work like it to work with sound though. have never had so much troble getting any other cm working befor :thdn:

16-11-2008, 00:11
I tend to play the game without sound, and listen to music instead. I've had issues in the past with sounds problems on FM and figured it doesn't really add THAT much to the game anyway.

Try checking fr updated drivers for your sound card.

24-11-2008, 18:47
Regardless of whether this works it is still not a fix for those of us that wish to play the game with sound (i.e. 99.999% of us). I've tried updating my graphics card drivers and reinstalling DirectX 9c but to no avail. Any one have any ideas of what I could do next?

26-11-2008, 22:43
Sorry to double-post, but I've managed to fix the error on my computer through any combination of these steps. I just thought I'd add it here in case someone else is desperate enough to try it and see if it works. This is all most likely complete overkill but it's kept my Vista install alive with very few problems for two years.

1) Download CCleaner and clean everything you can, all logs and temporary files. As well as this, use it to clean your registry of errors.
2) Download Revo Uninstaller and uninstall any crap you have on your computer using the advanced option. If you want to really clean your FM installation use it to uninstall FM09 and reinstall it at the end of this.
3) Do the typical virus/spyware/adware scans. I use Trend Micro's online scanner (search Google for Housecall Trend Micro), Ad-Aware, Spybot and AVG Antivirus on my computer.
4) Uninstall and reinstall DirectX, as well as your graphics drivers. Conveniently, Windows Update seemed to have new drivers for my Graphics Card.

I had attempted to install the drivers on their own before this, but that had no real effect. Thankfully, I decided to do the rest of the steps and now it seems to work for me. Oh well, if you want to give your computer a good clean then the steps are there for you. I don't guarantee it'll work, nor do I expect it to, but it worked for me, and that's something.

04-12-2008, 23:22
hi. i bought this a few days but when i go to play the game, he goes down and open an window and says:
DirectSound Error: -2004287480
Please help me this is making me crazy

05-12-2008, 02:27
My game has been working perfectly until today when I too got this error. Why has it suddenly occurred?