View Full Version : I finally got it activated!

14-11-2008, 21:41
It took ages but i finally got a message saying activation successful, BUT then i messed up by thinking i was actually going to get a game of this. I installed the patch and then tried to launch the game but all i got was the box to activate it again, so i put in the key again and got a message saying the key was already in use and to visit this site to purchase one!!! Are you ****ing serious?

Now, after leaving it for a while, i'm getting a message saying 'failed to launch graphics system', even though the patch is installed.

I'm giving SI the benefit of the doubt here, i don't want to come on here shouting all this abuse, it's just hard not to be gutted though after getting in with the game at 1 o'clock and to be here now at the back of 9 without having got to play the game.