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14-11-2008, 21:31
Hi guys,

I have just installed FM09 on my new Vista Laptop. I'm not really good with computers so here goes....

In the past when installing other FM's on XP they have always appeared in the start menu under "Sports Interactive" and within that Football Manager 05,06 etc. From there I have accessed the editor however with 09 on Vista I cant seem to locate any of the above and most importantly the editor. (I have a boxed version and have auth and updated through Steam)

Any ideas on how I can locate the editor??
Please Help!!

14-11-2008, 21:33
Some games on Vista do not show up in the start menu, theres a folder called games in your username account folder and on the right side of the start menu.

To locate the editor go to computer, c: drive, program files, sports interactive, football manager 2009, tools.

14-11-2008, 21:35
No doesnt appear there if installed using steam.

Im still looking for it too...

14-11-2008, 21:41
I can locate FM09 in "Games" on the right hand side of the start menu but I still can not locate the editor, any ideas? thanks.

Using the guide above the only files I can locate are -

Uninstall_Football Manager 2009

I've no idea!!

14-11-2008, 21:43
I can locate FM09 in "Games" on the right hand side of the start menu but I still can not locate the editor, any ideas? thanks.

Look 2 posts above.

Lower Leagues Rule
14-11-2008, 21:49
You have to actually physically go into the Program Files section of your Hard Drive. I had this problem with FM08 for some reason on Vista.

Crab Lungs
14-11-2008, 21:57
Nope, I still can't find it either.

F**k up, after f**k up, after f**k up..

Jazz Capone
14-11-2008, 21:57
Program Files/Steam/Steam Applications/Common/FM09/Tools/Data Editor/Data Editor exe.

Crab Lungs
14-11-2008, 22:02
legend, cheers bud... should have just done a search, but pah...

14-11-2008, 22:02
Thanks very much, have added it to my short list!!

14-11-2008, 22:08
I'm having the same problem with the editor.

Can see the Sports Interactive - Football Manager 2009 folder in the program files but the only thing in it is the uninstall icon.

Think it must be to do with steam, I'm running the game through that while my friend isn't and he has the editor.

Very strange, cant find it anywhere and don't want to uninstall it after the last couple of hrs.

14-11-2008, 22:33
if fm09 appears in your start menu (start->Games->fm09) just right click it and you should see the run editor option aswell as run extractor tool for skinning. Well I do. hope this helps