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Arctic Fish
14-11-2008, 21:30
Wikipedia works fast nowadays:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Football_Manager_2009#Issues_and_Problems


Issues and Problems

Numerous buyers of the game have also expressed their frustration on FM Forums over the new online or telephone system needed to authenticate the game, as there have been many problems resulting in many fans being unable to play the game. For some, when asked to type in their authentication key, a error report will commence, claiming that 'Your free trial version has expired.' For many others, the online authentication process does not work at all, and the 'Steam' authentication process terminates before completing. For some people, all 3 of these problems appear at various states of installation. Many buyers of the game have been left flabbergasted and disgusted at the incompetence of SI Games at their almost incomprehensible manner of which they have chosen for the game to be installed, with many loyal fans of the game claiming that they may stop buying all future versions of the game if the problem persists.

A patch was also released on 14th November 2008, fixing a number of capability issues.

(No, I didn't write that.)

Also, on amazon.co.uk (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Football-Manager-2009-PC-Mac/dp/B001FA0DLK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=videogames&qid=1226697570&sr=8-1) Football Manager 2009 has 81 reviews, with an average score of 1.5 / 5.

14-11-2008, 22:02
I think that's called "the Spore effect". Bit harsh, since this DRM is not nearly as intrusive and devious as that one.

14-11-2008, 22:05
Same happened with Spore, not a bad game but gets reviewed about DRM

14-11-2008, 22:07
I don't see the problem with that - the article is describing a factual event that happened to a product.

14-11-2008, 22:07
Amazon reviews are never reviews about the actual game, just about how they can't get the game running

14-11-2008, 22:10
Its not wikipedia that works fast, its just a frustrated guy who typed it :) Everyone can change something on wikipedia.

14-11-2008, 22:13
i remember Amazon had loads of negative review about Killzone - 6 months before the game even came out. most of those were xbox users who send a 1 star review saying "PS2 sux!!!!1111" So people really shouldn't take amazon's review seriously.