View Full Version : Activated without me doing anything!

14-11-2008, 21:24
I have been trying for the last 4 hours to activate and got the "no internet connection". knowing that other people were having problems leaving and then re-starting their games, i decided to do some work in the editor. suddenly, the black screen with the si games bubble came up and the game started loading! i couldn't beleive it and i don't know what or how it happened. i thought maybe they just got rid of the activation but now i see that i must have just been one of the lucky ones. i fell sorry for you guys and everyone that is having trouble. this has really been a disatrous day. complete shambles.

14-11-2008, 21:26
Similar to what happened to me. Was having problems for ages so I just left it alone for a while. When I come back now to try again it just works straight away. Can even quit and play again.

14-11-2008, 21:28
Yes me too. One question, my game says version 9.1 How do i know if it got patched through steam??

14-11-2008, 21:30
Probably turned off the SoftAnchor protection?

14-11-2008, 21:31
Yes it seems they have fixed the problem now, a shame the fix came after it has been cracked, they've really dropped the ball there.

Anyway, similar thing happened here, I just happened to try again, it went straight through no problems, it comes up saying something like "Game has been activated using product key ***" and the game loads fine.

FH75 - if it says 9.1 you've obviously patched it. :)

14-11-2008, 21:40
This game has already been cracked and is available through several pirate sites.
So much for security