View Full Version : Thankyou si / sega

14-11-2008, 20:14
I would just like to say a big thankyou to si and sega and also murray rigluth.
this guy called me last night after 10pm as it had taken me 2 hours to get the code to work and he took the time out to call me and help me through my problems and i eventually sorted it out and here i am at 20.12 still playing footie manager and having only 3 hours of sleep since i got it working.

and to be honest i will be the first to admit i had a little moan last night on these forums when i could not get it to work but again a great guy helped me out.
Thankyou murray for all your help.

One last thing i must say is i have been playing this series from day 1 and i believe that this is the best one yet.
i am manager of everton,cottbus,sheffield utd and san marino and it is just fantastic thanks again a very happy customer.