View Full Version : URGENT! FM09 Suddenly Deactivates - "Your trial period has expired" ???

14-11-2008, 20:03
Ok, so i'm writting this on behalf of a friend, here is his post:

"ok, so here i go! i bought this game at 1300 today, installed it at 1400, and had the well known verification issue! about 1700 i had the (major joy!) previlige of playing the game, and ejoying it for a couple of hours! now then, my issue: when restarting the game at 20.00, i had to activate the game again?! and i cant, my cd-key have been used as a trial period key, and now i cant activate the game again ! (thank you utter crap softanchor)!!!!

so please, help me, or else im turning this game in."

additional info:

OS: Vista Home Premium
CPU: 2,2 Ghz
Memory: 4 GB
Graphic card: geforce go 7600



14-11-2008, 20:25
You should also state if its was STEAM or Phone activated