View Full Version : Where do they get off???

14-11-2008, 00:50
I know everyone's probably playing FM 2009 right now but I'm one of the few 'yanks' who aren't getting there's till next week so I'm still playing 08.
I'm playing as Peterborough in my third season and finally got together a team capable of promotion when my idiot 'chairman' decides to accept a 600,000 pound offer for my best player saying it's 'too good to turn down'. WTF???? The crazy thing is, I get ALL the proceeds for the transfer. I'd sooner have the player!
This has happened to me more than once and ends up totally screwing my team up. I realize that no one player makes a team but in the lower leagues, you need an incredibly solid player to buid around.

I know this happens in real life but come on, where's the 'sell him and I resign' option to go to the chairman with? Where's the option to slam the player as he leaves the club for being greedy?? No, I just have to stand there and look like I'm totally happy with the deal.
So much for the championship in three seasons.