View Full Version : FM09: Player Match Ratings

07-11-2008, 23:19
Does anyone else agree that they should bring back the colour (i.e. More prominent blue the higher the match rating) to the match ratings screen? I just think it works better with judging who has played well and who hasn't. Whereas at current with the nu,bers all been black it is a lot more difficult to compare performances.

Many may disagree with me. Whats your thoughts?

P.S. If this is just something that happens in the demo, and in the full release it will be back to its blue glory, then I apologise.

07-11-2008, 23:21
Can't say I'd noticed, but I suspect someone will add something like that in a skin.

08-11-2008, 00:05
Good idea I supose. I think the new rating system with the decimal is a great new feature also. +1 to the developers.