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05-11-2008, 17:23
Looking forward to throwing myself into FM09 once my copy turns up and i wanted to clarify exactly what difference 'selecting leagues' to run in the background makes.

I usually only select the league i am playing in but recently read somewhere that this may affect the number of regens coming through later on in the game, in versions previous i have always choosen the largest database and previously thought this determined the number of regens coming through.

So what determines the number of regens coming through is it leagues selected or the size of your player database?

Thanks for your help guys

05-11-2008, 20:14
Database size is most important if you want more regens to come through, but as far as I know the number of countries (as in leagues running from different countries) also has a bearing on how many regens come through in the countries you have running.

Also, selecting a country in the "load all players from..." option you're given when starting a new game has a reflection on how many regens coming from the country which you're loading all players from.

Hope that helps & welcome to the forums :)