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Deathcab for Cutie
03-11-2008, 13:24
i think some of the people posting here have no idea of the concept

SI guys worked very hard and released a demo (repeat...a demo) which supposed to give you an idea and taste of the new game.

so it has a few bugs...the bugs will be taken care of on the release date

apparently there are some technical issues...the min specs are clearly stated.

you can't play the game on an abacus. if you want the game to evolve than don't expect the specs to remain circa 1942. i think we can all agree, we want the game to evolve.

do you want to play the game? upgrade...this is the nature of PC gaming.

for the record, i don't have any issues with the game at all. it runs just fine.

03-11-2008, 13:25
Can you leave the moderating to us. Thank you.