View Full Version : Real Short challenges

21-10-2008, 15:33
I'll try re-phrase what i'm looking for.

I would like some scenarios in where i have to complete certain goals or avoid certain things! BUT they would need to be no more than 6 month challenges (but preferably even shorter!!!) as i could just do the save i am currently using of which i'm getting bored of!

Just want lots of little challenges i can do eg 1 a day maybe when i am on lunch for an hour until FM09 comes out!

SO links to save files or threads where save files are that would be interesting as i've failed to find a decent amount of challenges under 6 months!


21-10-2008, 15:40
there are more challenges throughout that thread if you want short 1 season max. challenges or if you fancy doing 1 season challenges there are plenty on the 20/20 challenge page

21-10-2008, 16:30
Less than 6 months... so you basically don't want a challenge at all...

21-10-2008, 16:45
as ssestig said, that thread is 4 pages long iirc, and has a lot of great little challenges you can do in a day or so. Perfect for anyone imo, they are definitely as much of a challenge as any other challenge on the forum :thup: