View Full Version : I just want SI to add these

26-09-2008, 03:42
1. more interactions with media.
For example,more qustions in pre-match conference press about certain players,the confidence to the match,some hearsays.All those can make manager feel headache.Manager can let the assistant deal with them.Players can also be asked by journalists in some occasions and their words could make some effects,so the management of team become harder.

2. more tactic options.
I don't know how the effect of player preferred moves is to Calculations,but I think some of the preferred moves for example inside cut,should be able to reralized by tactic options not just to learn habits.

26-09-2008, 11:50
Number 1's in, pretty much.

Number 2, sort of with regards to PPM - you can now ask a player to learn a move.

Best for you mate is to read the "Football Manager 2009 New Feature Discussion Topics" - look at the top of the forum. :)

26-09-2008, 11:52
More options for the Media would be more interesting than more interactions.