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24-09-2008, 14:31
I’m managing Stafford and have noticed an annoying trend. The last 4 players I have been forced to sell as the Chairmen felt ‘the offer was too good to turn down’ have been bought by Burnley in the league below in League 1.

For starters each player has cost within 1.2m to 1.6m (none if the values I considered anywhere near good enough) and of course being Stafford its all very well having the money in the bank but attracting players of a suitable quality is near on impossible.

So a couple of grievances really, where are Burnley getting the money from, why are my players happy to drop down divisions and why is the chairmen continually annoying me with this ‘too good to turn down’ rubbish! GGGGGrrrrrrrrrrrr :mad:

24-09-2008, 14:45
I'm managing Werder Bremen and Fiorentina so I haven't been "forced" to sell any player yet as far as I can remember, but it's all the usual suspects in Serie A and La Liga plus Lyon and some English clubs who keep coming in for my players and I keep rebuffing most of them.

I saw the strangest transfer story I've ever seen in FM though yesterday - Rimini (in Serie A and doing a cracking job, but still a tiny club with a now ~12,000 capacity stadium after a few upgrades and only okay fiinances) were claimed to be interested in signing £14.5 million rated Frank Ribery from Bayern Munich! Unsurprisingly the player himself quahsed such rumours, claiming if he was to leave Bayern he is sure there are better options than Rimini!

24-09-2008, 14:46
I've noticed that one club is usually interested in several of my players at a time.

With Barca it's Inter.

Previously I had Liverpool interested in loads of my players when I was AC

24-09-2008, 15:01
well whenever i transfer list my youngsters or anyone with arsenal. Portsmouth, Tottenham and Newcastle seem to buy them all...

sagna 2.5m, Regen 9m, Skrtel 12m, Lansbury 16m, agouda 5.5m, hleb 6.5m.

Kroos 6.5m, Regen 7.5m, quarema 10.5m, merida 2m, adrian 10m, zarate 7.5m, fazio 10m, djourou 5.5m, gilberto silva 1.3m, Rosicky 5.25m, regen 2.9m, Van Persie 20m.

Mosquera 1.5m, sankhare 3.4m, ayling 250k, cassani 2.5m, amrabat 2.4m, gasbarroni 4.4m.

think thats all of them lol. newcastle take them all lol

24-09-2008, 15:06
erm as arsenal its barcelona and ac milan that try and sign them all!

24-09-2008, 15:09
As Middlesbrough it has been Ipswich. They have bought 5 of my players in total.

24-09-2008, 15:11
when my leyton orient team made it to the prem liverpool swooped in and stole all my young stars

24-09-2008, 15:20
AFC Telford United steal all my star players ! ! Damn them ! ! ! Damn them to hell ! !!

24-09-2008, 15:20
With Liverpool, all my players go to either Spurs or Newcastle.

24-09-2008, 15:26
None buys the players i want to sell
Everyone wants the players i don't want to sell :(

(Statistically i have sell more players to Valencia )

24-09-2008, 15:26
Nobody... I can't even give my unwanted players away!