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24-09-2008, 12:14
Best Young Talented Target Man Forwards

Victor Anichebe - 19 years old guy from Everton. He has very good potential due to high Work Rate (17). Anichebe is strong finisher already having good value of Finishing, Composure, Jumping, Strength, Pace, Acceleration. He has 2 preferred moves: Shoot With Power (what is really important for target man striker) and Like Ball Played into Feet. The only bad thing about him is his price - $9.5M. But anyway I would advice to buy him if you have enough finances.

Victor Moses - Crystal Palace forward of 16 years old. He is the most young talented target man striker. Moses possesses high teamwork and creativity abilities. Shoots the ball with power! He is very versatile guy who can perform as AMC and MC. And the most important thing about him that he could be signed for free!

Diego Biseswar - Dutch notable wonderkid forward from Feyenoord. Diego Biseswar is notable for high values of unusual (but useful!) for target man: Dribbling, Creativity, Influence, Agility. Another interesting feature of Biseswar can be seen if you click on his Positions. Superb versatility!!! Pay attention also to his 3 Preferred Moves. After all I can make a conclusion that Diego Biseswar can be used as target man forward, as attacking winger, as quick forward (in case if his Pace and Acceleration will be trained). Cool guy! Discussing his price I can say that it is not so high (comparing with Anichebe) but perceptible - $4.9M.

You can find more reviews of young and strong talented target man forwards here: Wonderkids: Target Man Forwards (http://football-managers.blogspot.com/2008/09/wonderkids-and-young-talented-players.html)

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This should be in the Good Player Guide forum.

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There's something so suitable about that light bulb used in the thread title...I just can't quite put my finger on what is troubling me about it...

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lights are on but no-one home ;)

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This should be in the Good Player Guide forum.

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mark-united fan
25-09-2008, 11:37
franco di santo of audux italiano currently playing for chelsea.hes tall,good finisher and strong

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I have Anchiebe on loan for my Southampton youth game, he's averaging a goal a game, which is handy.

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Unfortunately I'm not able to move it there....

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Xavier Remon!!!