View Full Version : Football Manager on mobile

24-09-2008, 09:58
Does anyone know if there is a version or will be one of the full game for mobiles?

i know there is the quiz game

24-09-2008, 10:42
Yikes I hope not! There's already more than enough lunatics walking the streets trying to send text messages while they walk and showing no awareness whatsoever of their surroundings so that I have zig-zag my way down the street to avoid them. How I wish they would all just walk into each other instead of getting in my way. Give them Football Manager to play and there'll be chaos all over the streets!

24-09-2008, 11:41
FM on a mobile would be horrible. They are no where near powerful enough to give you an enjoyable experience imo.

24-09-2008, 12:44
I hope not, that would be awful, at least with today's generation of mobiles, maybe in the future when u have phones with great potential, i see the iPhone in some later generations could be used....but not at the moment.

24-09-2008, 13:28
Will there be a version coming out someday that I can play on my washing machine too? :rolleyes:

24-09-2008, 13:32
Does anyone actually play the games on their mobiles? I play Sodoku from time to time when waiting for my wife to get out of work, but that's about it. Games and cameras on phones are pointless, all I want a phone to do is have signal if my car breaks down, and on the one occasion it has broken down there was no signal at all :mad:

24-09-2008, 13:34
I occasionally play snake while waiting for FM to process, but apart from that my mobile phone functions as a phone and alarm clock and nothing else!