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23-09-2008, 19:56
Quick question -

I have a young midfielder who got the 'wants a new challenge' concern just now, so I'm resigned to the fact that he has to be sold. At the start of the season, Arsenal bid 110m for him (30m up front, 40m over 24 months, 40m after 10 international apps) which I rejected - he has four years left on his contract, so I figured I would play him for three more years, then sell him for roughly the same amount with one year left to go.

So, we've reached the January window, and Arsenal and some other clubs are bidding for him again. Whilst rejecting all their bids, I've noticed I can no longer stipulate a fee for n international appearances. Why is this? Is it to do with his age, or a certain number of international appearances already made, or what?

Thanks in advance

23-09-2008, 21:29
Certain number of appearances.

Apparently it's 10. But I've had some guys who appeared a little in their youth and then not for a few seasons, and I could ask. Although even then it was only about 13 appearances they'd had.

But I'm sure 10 is the magic number.