View Full Version : Too many red cards

23-09-2008, 18:14
I have a player

who in 20 appearences has recieved 6 straight reds

What can i do to stop this?

im ready for terminating hiscontract

23-09-2008, 18:16
dont play him, or release him haha

23-09-2008, 18:16
he's a class class defedner though

best in my squad:P

23-09-2008, 18:19
What are his 'player instructions'?

Are you fining him?

23-09-2008, 18:20
he doesn't have any specific insturctions

and yeah, 2 weeks wages every time

23-09-2008, 18:24
He must be skint!

Do you have 'Hard Tackling' ticked?

To be honest, he sounds like a liability. I'd get rid.

23-09-2008, 18:31
he doesn't have any specific insturctions

and yeah, 2 weeks wages every time

this is where you are going wrong imo.

firstly, make sure you are fining him for the correct offence - two yellow cards and you fine him for "dismissal in prior match", most other offences you fine him for "violent conduct".

also, i find it works better if you first give a warning, then fine for one week, then two weeks every time for each further offence. this works like a charm for me. i very rarely have players sent off, even with hard tackling.

when you are fining him for two weeks what is his reaction?

23-09-2008, 18:32
nope player intrustuctions and team tackling is just normal

i really want to, but he's excellent. Defence is built around him

So i cant decide what to do:P

23-09-2008, 18:36
Is your game patched?

23-09-2008, 18:40
yeah whatever the newest one is


23-09-2008, 18:58
Have you tried gelding him?

23-09-2008, 18:59
is he pogatetz?

23-09-2008, 19:00
Read what addicted87 posted as he has the right way to resolve this matter. I do the same and it works a treat for me too.

edit~ Cant be pogatetz lol i have him in my team very rarely gets booked. Look at new defenders i recomend the whole belgium defence :P thats what i use in my team for leeds came 2nd in premiership

23-09-2008, 19:03
it's the mighty adam vrigo :P

but i am only in league one so he is good for those standards

23-09-2008, 19:06
Adam Virgo! What a legend! Damn Celtic stealing him like that, but, he's back were he belongs now.

23-09-2008, 19:32
was great, contract ran out with them and i got him on a free

scored 2 on my opening game in league 1