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22-09-2008, 23:36
Hi fellow FM gamers,

My query is, how do you set it so you reserve team, such as my currently consisted team of many well I think young talent that shall be nurtured. To play a tour set of matches, instead of being freindly game after friendly game?

I tried to create a tour and got a little lost, it felt that if I chose a normal friendly match when. If your familiar you normally run through that menu; the same one for choosing the friendly games. I saw an menu option and thought....

Aaaah HAH! A tour option , oh bugger.... another friendly game... Oh!... sod it that'll do.

If any one knows how do you set it please?

I appreciate the help folks.


23-09-2008, 00:05
I'm not sure I understand exactly what your trying to do, or whether you can actually schedule tours with the reserves as I've never done so.

However, a normal tour is created by selecting tour from the friendly screen, selecting a country, and then clicking on multiple dates on the schedule. You can then pick a team from that country for each date.

Games in a tour are still always classed as friendlies, but can help to improve your scouting knowledge and in the past (haven't had success lately) helped you get the option for a feeder club from that country if you were looking for one.

If your looking to get your youngsters competitive competitions, your best bet is reserve/U18/U21 leagues, or sending them out on loan. To my knowledge you cant create competitive competitions, even Tournaments/Cups you can set up are friendlies.

23-09-2008, 00:12
Why thanks that was helpful not sure I was selecting multiple teams from the country selected chose the one thought it would prompt me to select another team.

Cheers, will try.

23-09-2008, 00:26
Ah yeah, think you need to select the dates first and then the teams. There also seems to be a limited time frame on Tours, so you have to find a good schedule gap where you can get a series of games in (or play them back to back).

Glad I could help :)