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Mark Man
22-09-2008, 21:56
I have heard of people managing a top 4 club for like 50 seasons!! How do they not bore themselves??

I was Chelsea but after 3 seasons just got bored of constantly winning! So then I went to Bromley! Who were far more challenging and far more addictive!

What do you think?

22-09-2008, 21:58
It depends on how successful you are, what good players are coming through the ranks and where you are positioned in the Hall of Fame lol :D

22-09-2008, 22:15
I would hazard a guess that a lot of people who play as a big club probably expect to win every game, and when they don't then they reload and try again until they win and then get bored

They probably also try to buy a team of super stars

If you play properly and accept it when you lose at home to a team like fulham, and don't reload when Ronaldo gets a 2 month injury, and try to buy sensibly instead of going mental, then I don't see how it would get boring

I never constantly won everything when I played as man united, and I didn't get bored

22-09-2008, 22:19
If you play properly with a big team and do as SmurfDude says then u never win everything all the time.

I like to keep redeveloping a new team every 4 years or so and create new eras and try to topple Ferguson on the Hall of Fame.

22-09-2008, 22:19
I've been managing Man. United for five seasons and I've been pretty successful. Thing is, I am still really into my game. I admit five years is not exactly fifty, but I could definitely go on and on and until FM09 comes out. What I enjoy is watching my team develop and imposing my own identity on the club. I just... don't get bored with it.

I won't be managing them on FM09, though. Gonna go abroad and take on a different sort of a challenge.

22-09-2008, 22:29
The fun part with managing one of the top 4 clubs is to set challenges that makes it more difficult. In one game I decided only to sign players under 18 years of age, and at the same time sell one important first team member at the end of each season. It was fun until the game crashed after 30 seasons.

22-09-2008, 22:48
Not a top 4 clubs as such more of a top two clubs in scotland im a rangers fan and thats where the excitment comes from. I dont win many european games because i cant attract the quality i need to compete in the groups i keep getting. last 4 season met(group stages only) Man Utd twice, Byern 3 times, Real once and AC Milan twice. As a result i gfind it entertaining, also last couple of seasons hav been really good(ok im only in season four but still) wiuth Hibs being bought by some costortium and quicky catching me and Celtic, Celtic went into financial trouble and came back that was a bit of a boring season watching your main rival selling all their good players abroad costing you all the players you can attract to the club and Aberdeen closing the gap. I may have won the titale 3 in a row and going strong for 4 but i see hibs taking it off me soon and ill be delighted for them for the simple reason a non-OF team comming close.

Captain Canada
22-09-2008, 23:02
I do a rotation of save games to keep things spicey. I have one where I use the default DB and don't screw around, I have one where I add myself and my friends as players to a custom DB and don't screw around, and thirdly I have a custom DB with myself and friends as players and then screw around with other teams to poach their talent for zip to make a mega team. Whenever I get bored of one I just switch to a different save file.

22-09-2008, 23:06
Find it really boring. Even managing them in the future when they aren't doing so well... it's always too easy.

22-09-2008, 23:42
i get really bored because like someone said above, i end up buying the superstars, which does get boring after a season once you've got there. the one exception i have is arsenal, as they have such quality youth to try and bring through, if you resist signing the big names you can get a team just as good, but for much cheaper and you feel a lot more involved. and by the time those players get boring, the regens come through and it all starts again....
but man utd, chelsea and liverpool i won't be managing until it's more of a challenge

23-09-2008, 02:45
ye thats the thing thuogh.. i manage arsenal... and i love bringing in the youth... its heaps of fun.. i love getting into the game when there are hardly any real players... thats the best i reckon!!

23-09-2008, 07:44
Ive managed big teams for 12-15 years (Barcelona). I don't get bored since what I really like about the game is scouting and youth development.

After a while, I like to have a team of only players of my youth ranks...

23-09-2008, 10:12
I've done the big teams before and yes I too found it boring.
Mainly because the regens weren't up to scratch, so trying to bring them through was tough due to the drop in quality.

So now I'm back at my beloved Dundee United where the drop in regen quality doesn't have the same effect.
All excited because I've got them into CL proper.... I even think my 1-0 loss at Anfield was great!

23-09-2008, 10:18
As someone who's really enjoying managing a big club in a relatively long-term game (by my standards), the one thing that gets up my nose a little is when people (and I am by no means simply accusing everyone of this) start acting is if people like me are somehow impure because we want to manage big clubs and enjoy it and especially enjoy the success of it.

Football Manager, just like football itself, is extremely diverse in what it offers. There are a number of ways in which to play the game that cater for the varied personalities of the football fan. Why can't people just accept that not everyone wants to play the game the same way and that managing a big club does not somehow constitute a slight on the game?

23-09-2008, 10:19
As a Man Utd supporter i tend to start off a new version of FM with Man Utd to get used to the game etc. I can tend to play for between 5 and 8 seasons and then restart a new league keeping the old one for small visits.

In the last game i played as Man Utd it took me 3 seasons to win the Champions League, in that time i won the league twice and the fa cup twice. In one season i went the whole season unbeaten in the league drawing only 2 games but the next season i lost 3 of my first 5 so had to change the way i played. At the end of the unbeaten league season the board was only satisfied with me because i had only won the league and got to the semis in the FA Cup and Champions League.

There is always a new challenge and i have not won everything (League, Fa Cup, Carling Cup, Champions League) since FM2004 i think.