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22-09-2008, 20:21
I have been trying to manually edit manchester city so they have as much transfer money as u can in the game wage budget,future income etc etc....but everytime i put in the maximum i go to play a game and all u get to start wid is around 80 million.....im sure sum1 out there has done this successfully could u help me out...


22-09-2008, 20:26
Get yaself FMM editor do a search on the forums load it up a go from there it dont work on Vista.

Maximum u can go to is 2 billion


22-09-2008, 20:32
im on mac so is that a problem

22-09-2008, 20:33

EDIT: Just saw you are on a mac so you obviously can't.

22-09-2008, 20:38
Reputation contributes aswell.

Matty Hart
22-09-2008, 20:48
I just D/L Weegie.

22-09-2008, 20:49
well il keep pluggin away cheers for ur help so far guys

22-09-2008, 20:50
yeh i got the weegie update but edited it from that i made them have a bigger budget then got abit cocky to try and see if i could make them have a ridiculous sum and from there it all went wrong...

22-09-2008, 20:59
Create an edt file. If your not sure about what these are look in the editors forum. I created one of these for Man U and it worked great.

22-09-2008, 21:21
Get the weegie update mate they start with at least 80million just depends on what you declare if you say you gunna win league you get 106million i think but be aware, they still only national rep so u cant get many good player in so its not as easy as going out and getting Kaka etc you can afford them but they wont come, not ever if you give them 5million sign on fee.