View Full Version : One of you please put me out of my misery

22-09-2008, 14:52
... and tell me this:

Can a short term loan be renewed more than twice, or is there a limit?

My player of the season is due to go back to Colchester 2 days before the season ends, and with it looking increasingly like I will make the BSS play-offs, I will be in need of his services for longer than first planned. Am I about to be left heartbroken?

22-09-2008, 15:02
IIRC a player can only be loaned for a maximum of 6 months on short term loans to another club, but I'm not sure if that can happen over more then 2 or 3 loan spells.

22-09-2008, 15:06
Well, I'll have had him for 6 months come the end of the season... damn!

22-09-2008, 15:19
Plus, I think the loans transfer window shuts in March after which I don't think you can renew loans. :(

22-09-2008, 15:27
Oh well, another season in the BSS awaits! :(

22-09-2008, 16:19
It should say in all the bumph at the bottom of the dialog when you try to loan a player exactly what the rules are. I seem to remember you can only extend a loan once though, irrespective of loan windows because otherwise it would be a way of circumventing the rules on max number of long term loans.