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22-09-2008, 10:34
Had a strange one playing Seria A as Lazio last night.

I finished 4th in the league and thought i had qualified for the Champions League, but when looking at the league it shows i have only qualified for the UEFA cup

I checked the rules on the league and it says the top 4 qualify for the Champions League, any ideas?

22-09-2008, 10:42
Did a team who finished below you in the league win the Champions League that season?

22-09-2008, 11:03
quite often this is displayed immediately after the end of the season, due to the coefficients being recalculated (ie, which teams are ranked top, and how many teams are allocated 4 ecc, 3ecc, and so on) once that happens you'll get a message saying who's in what competition from your league next season

22-09-2008, 11:04
I think that if an Italian team are in the final then the list of qualifiers doesn't get finalised. If you look at the table after the final then im pretty sure you'll have qualified providing no team lower than you in the league won it.

22-09-2008, 13:00
It would appear Inter (League Winners) are in the Champions League final (Which hasn;t been played yet)

Fingers crossed this is the Issue!!

22-09-2008, 13:07
This is the same for every league that has 4 qualifiers. If a team from the league you're in is in the Champions League final it'll only display that the top 3 have qualified for next season until the final is played.

22-09-2008, 13:16
after the league reset date it should read
euro champions cup: top 4 / top 3 & winners (if different)
euro cup : X qualifiers
euro vase : 1 qualifier

22-09-2008, 13:28
I had this too and went *******. It sorted itself out a few days later though.

23-09-2008, 04:23
Yep it will get sorted by itself so just keep playing.