View Full Version : Offering a retiring player a coach contract

21-09-2008, 22:23
Playing as Roma in my second season, Panucci just announced his retirement at the end of the season, and some coaching stats just popped up on his profile. He's not yet coaching for me, but I want to offer him a player/coach contract right away, so he can start coaching now but still play out the rest of the season as a player. But when I go to offer him a contract the only job options I have are to give him a job as a coach, assistant manager or scout etc. There's no "player/coach" option. What happens if I just offer him a job as a coach? Will he no longer be a player as soon as he accepts the contract? Will I have to wait until his playing contract is about to expire to offer him a coaching contract?


21-09-2008, 22:28
He will only be a coach if you offer him that contract. You're probably better off waiting until the end of the season or get him to reconsider retirement. If he reconsiders you should be able to offer him a player/coach role plus have him playing another season.

21-09-2008, 22:32
Cheers, will probably try that. Not sure if I really will need him for next season, I just do for the time being.

21-09-2008, 23:12
if you don't ask him to reconsider the option of player/coach will not appear. if i was you i'd leave it until the end of the season mate.