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20-09-2008, 19:21
i've got the original game of fm 2008, no patches. my stadium has twice been expanded from 13k to 19k, however the first time the expansion was complete i got a capacity crowd of 19k but then the next week the stadium capacity went back to 13k for some reason. 2 years later im in the prem and the exact same thing has happened. ive got a massively small budget to deal with and the board has now spent 8mill twice on the expansion to no benefit as a week later the game acts like it has never happened. has anyone else experienced this or has any tips maybe regarding editing the info? cheers in advance.

20-09-2008, 19:23
I think this was a bug in the original game. It has been fixed in the patches, though.

20-09-2008, 19:23
This was resolved with the patches, just download the latest patch and it will be resolved, your save game will work with the patched version too. :)

20-09-2008, 19:24
This has happended a few times to me, but with me it was 8,000 as Arsenal.

To stop this happening, you have to act upon your first sentence. Download the 8.0.2 patch. I haven't had it happen since I did that!

20-09-2008, 19:27
Find the patch here...


20-09-2008, 19:59
download and install 8.0.2 and its fixed

05-10-2008, 12:21
thanks a lot. got the patch and just been approved a massive expansion of the ground so hopefully should work this time lol.

thanks again

05-10-2008, 17:02
You need to start a new game though

08-10-2008, 22:50
You need to start a new game though

no you dont, you only need to start a new game if you want the updated player stats and so forth, all the bugs such as the stadium expansion one will be fixed on his saved game