View Full Version : Lauri Dalla Valle

20-09-2008, 15:59
On my Milan game i bought him off Liverpool straight away but had to wait until next season, when he arrived i was suprised to see that he had gained 4 Italian U21 caps. I have had him in other games and i could've swore he was Finnish with no 2nd nationality? Has my decision to sign him influenced him to play for Italy?

20-09-2008, 16:07
Apparently Italian citizenship takes 7 years. Bug.

20-09-2008, 16:07
He must have Italian as his second nationality, or else this is some kind of bug. Does anyone know if he has Italian as his second nationality?

Sheer Class
20-09-2008, 16:09
Yes he has 2nd nationality

20-09-2008, 16:30
Okay then it's definitely not a bug :)

20-09-2008, 16:49
thanks for the response Sheer Class
i just thought that it was some 'co-incidence'
and surely he would pick italy over finland in every game if he was guarenteed u-21 caps?