View Full Version : confused over striker issue.

20-09-2008, 15:16
Ok im Rangers in August of 2010. I signed Roman Pavlychenko back in 07, he has been European golden boot scorer 3 years running since then. This season he started well again with a Hat-trick at newly promoted Dundee. However all of a sudden Surez my second striker has suddlenly become a goal machine. In the last two games hes scored 8 goals against a good Killie side and in the CL qualifiers against Jueselum and Roman cant buy a goal.

Yes its good to have a second striker who can score as well but hes been here 8 months now and he always struggled to find the net. Roman is now 28 and quickly approching 29 should i consuider selling?

20-09-2008, 15:42
I think you should sell Pavlychenko. As soon as 29 or 30 his stats will probably start to decline very quickly.

20-09-2008, 15:42
Keep RP for another year. Use whichever of the two is scoring more, or play them both. Sell RP when he turns 30 so you get a decent wedge for him.

20-09-2008, 15:43
thanks. Hes still scoring just nowhere near as regular and Surez was signed to make his life easier after the loss of Boyd

20-09-2008, 16:15
Change the formation i do if im struggling with just one striker scoring bring in an AM to play a Rooney type role better having a player assisting alot than scoring.

20-09-2008, 16:41
i play with 2 strikers