View Full Version : Attracting Players To Your Club-New Idea

20-09-2008, 09:20
Just a quick idea, when attempting to sign players that are also being pursued by big teams, when negotiating the contract you could have an option to talk them into signing for our club. e.g. if you're trying to sign Mati Fernandez as Spurs when Real are after him, you could say-

'You'll hardly get a game at Madrid but here you'll play week-in-week-out(or words to that effect) and with you on board we can push towards the CL'

I know there's already the position in the club dropdown box, but it all seems rather limited.

thanks for listening, kids!

20-09-2008, 09:22
I don't think the drop down box is that limited, if you offer them key player status and say Madrid offer them back up for the first team then the result is the same as you're after.

20-09-2008, 09:24
true, but in my way you can manipulate them, so even if madrid do intend to build the team around him, I could convince him that they don't

20-09-2008, 12:03
problem is, that would give an unfair advantage to the user, unless the AI could do it too, which would just counter your statement and matias fernandez would go to real madrid.

20-09-2008, 16:03
Yeah but u wouldn't know what the other club had offered, for example wethere Spurs had said you will be part of our squad or Wigan said Garanteed first team player, my question would be everyone would offer them the WORLD to sign them then offer them, WALES. :D

20-09-2008, 16:09
I think this is a good ideabut the AI should be able to as well.

20-09-2008, 16:19
I think it would be a nice idea if you could say something like:
"I see you as someone to build the team around."

Or if you were a smaller club in a big league but with lots of money and big ambitions, you could say something like:
"Assure player X that you will be signing other big-name players to join him at the club."

This could influence players who are unsure of join a club they think to be 'beneath' them to in fact, join them.

For example, if your club had been taken over and you were given a lot of money (like Chelsea/Man City) and you wanted to sign big players instantly,you could. IRL, as we have seen, Robinho was happy to go to a small (not Champs League) team, yet I am sure if you started FM08 as Man City and tried to sign Robinho, he wouldn't even think about joining you. But IRL he will (and did) because he knows you have a lot of money and a lot of promise to sign more big-names and a fairly good chance of achieving Champions League spot this year or next, as well as potentially winning many major trophies in the future.

20-09-2008, 16:37
I think the drop down box with key player etc goes far enough into telling them what role they'll have at the club. I do like the idea of telling them your ambitions though, i.e. man city signing robinho.