View Full Version : Offering Players to Clubs

19-09-2008, 16:46
It says in the FM08 booklet that in order to offer a player to a particular club who is interested, you must first go to the player's actions menu. However, when I go to the player's actions menu the option "Offer to Clubs" isn't available. How do you go about selling a player to a particular club if this option isn't available? I'm currently playing in the MLS.

19-09-2008, 16:57
Maybe it isn't possible in the MLS with their weird draft system. I know nothing about MLS, but wherever I manage to have the option to offer a player to other clubs, assuming he is still under contract to you (i.e. not on a month to month contract or whatever). Transfer window doesn't affect your ability to do that either so all I can think of is that it must be something MLS-specific

19-09-2008, 17:57
Yes, the MLS clubs do not have the ability to "Offer to Clubs".

I think that's a mistake, actually, and have asked for it to be fixed in a thread which SI were reading - MLS clubs ought to be able to "Offer for Trade" to other MLS clubs, and to "Offer to Clubs" for international transfers.