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18-09-2008, 23:03
Hello Everyone,

besides half of the Premier League being sold out to conglomerates or individuals there is a pretty interesting phenomenon in the German Bundesliga:

In three years the TSG 1899 Hoffenheim celebrated promotions from the third to the first league in Germany. Predominantly, the ascendency of Hoffenheim was caused by investments of Dietmar Hopp an individual "Benefactor" or "Patron" and the co-founder of SAP - a German ERP software company. Hopp invested millions in new (young) players, youth facilities and a new stadium. Even though Hopp claims to have no intentions with regard to "managing" the club, it might be of interest how such an influential individual will be represented in the game [E.g. in case Hoffenheim finds itself in a relegation position in the winter break - will Hopp make some more funds available for new players?]

Any thoughts?!?



19-09-2008, 06:52
Wouldn't this simply be covered by the 'sugar daddy' tick box? The sugar daddy doesn't necessarily have to be the chairman - it's just someone who pumps large amounts of cash into the club.

19-09-2008, 08:44
Sugar daddy doesn't work ; in many countries it only takes one rich guy to pull a team from the local championship to the 1st division or to make a mediocre team top ( like the current Romanian champions Cluj ).

19-09-2008, 09:02
The 'tycoon' takeover event, coupled with interference stat?

19-09-2008, 15:20
Sugar daddy doesn't work ( like the current Romanian champions Cluj ).

Why doesn't it work? What doesn't it do that you would like?

19-09-2008, 15:55
you cant always have things like in real life. For example, if you manage QPR in the game, you shouldnt be allowed to chose any players as the coach doesnt buy the players, he just gets to work with the players bought in for him.