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10-09-2008, 11:41
I think the brazilian transfer market in FM is too still.

I heard somewhere that about 800 brazilian players leave the country to play abroad and that 600 makes the opposite way every year. So, in game, there should be more brazilian players leaving the country to play in Middle East, Japan, Eastern Europe and other obscure places every year ( BUT NOT MEXICO ). And also players going back to Brazil from those countries. There should be even more challenge for those who play in Brazilian league, they would more often have to sell their best players to make cash during european transfer window and then rebuild their squads to the final and decisive moments of the championship.

And the manager time in a club should decrease, sometimes there are clubs that have around 6 managers in a year. 1 year in the same club is alot in Brazil, more than 1 year is very unlikely, only those who does a really good job and has the fans trust, i think there's only one manager in Brazil that is at the same club for more than 2 years and that's Muricy Ramalho of São Paulo, and he is the only one at Serie A that is at the same club for more than 1 year.

What should happen: When a club is at botton half of the table, a manager of a prestigious club mostly last only 10 matches. And then if his successor gets, let's say, 6 losses, he's out. That's kinda what happens irl in Brazil. It should be REALLY hard to keep your job. In other words, the board and fans patience in Brazil is VERY low. Also, when a manager sign a new contract with a club, it's mostly a 1 year contract.

A good suggestion to coming years is more third-party influence in brazilian transfer market.

And to finish, in game i've seen a couple of african players transfering to Brazil, and that's very rare. Most of foreigner players that comes to Brazil are from other south american countries. And there are WAY too many brazilian players going to Mexico in game, that doesn't happen too often. And when i said that are brazilian players at obscure countries, i really mean it. I already heard of brazilian players in Vietnam, Thailand, India, Kasakhstan, Azerbaijan, South Africa, Tunisia, etc. They're everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

10-09-2008, 11:46
What's wrong with Mexico?

10-09-2008, 12:50
Nothing, it's just that there are way too many brazilian players going to Mexico in FM, way more than irl.