View Full Version : patch 8.02

09-09-2008, 17:18
why cant i find the 8.02 patch anywhere to download on si website can someone give me a link to it please and is there anywhere to download all the recent transfers

09-09-2008, 18:12
patch thread (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=31218) and do a google search for fmweegie, or have a look in editor's forum for an up to date database

09-09-2008, 18:32
right i click on the download it comes up with the download and say open save so i click open and it starts to download takes bout 15 mins then what do i do

09-09-2008, 18:39
save it to desktop. then when its done, just double click it, making sure you dont have the game or the editor running, and it will open in a new window. click updateand it will update the game...

edit: oops, i forgot its a .rar file.. once its downloaded youll need to extract it first, and THEN run it.
once its downloaded, if you see the icon that looks like 3 books stacked up, then just double click it

or read a bit further on the thread i linked you to, and read the instructions on there

09-09-2008, 19:00
how do you extract it its on my desktop but when i right click it there nothing to do with extracting it

09-09-2008, 19:19
do you see the icon that looks like the three books?? if not, it means you havent got winrar installed, and you neeed to
http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm <<link for winrar (its a trial, but thats enough)