View Full Version : FM08 in windowed mode?

09-09-2008, 16:25
I'm not especially computer savvy but the resolution of FM on my laptop isn't great and I'd like to fix it. I think windowed mode may help it, but I am unsure how to find out if my system supports FM in windowed mode. How do I find this out, or change the resolution?

09-09-2008, 16:54
Try it, when i had my resolution set to low it wouldn't let me change to windowed and said it couldn't be done at that resolution.

09-09-2008, 16:57
The thing I do to play in windowed mode on my laptop is I rightclick on the shortcut, and in the field called target you should see something like this(if you installed it to the default location) "C:\programfiles\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2008\fm.exe" if you just add

-small_screen -windowed

(there is a space in front)

so your target should look like something like this "C:\programfiles\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2008\fm.exe" -small_screen - windowed

then it should start in windowed mode

09-09-2008, 22:21
Load up FM
Click on Options/Preferences/Display & Sound
Untick Full Screen

FM should now be in a window