View Full Version : few questions regarding 2009, can i use my facepacks from 08? also 3d engine???

09-09-2008, 15:25
Well, havnt been on the forums for a while.

Have to say well done to everyone who have worked on the game, its looking good.
I had 2nd thoughts about getting it this yr, was gonna try CM09..but im having doubts now.

So onto my questions.
I have a large collection of graphics for FM08, facepacks/kits/logos... will i still be able to use these? if not then i might have a look around or keep an eye out to see what people are making for the new game.

3d Engine, very nice... had a feeling it would happen.
So a quick question, will we see players do tricks? will i be able to notice if a player has a sudden burst of speed? will each player have individual AI in the game and will it show on the pitch?

I think it would be good to see my wingers running up the touchline, dribbling past the defenders before putting a killer cross into the box.

09-09-2008, 15:32

And yes.

The 3d engine is just a different graphical representation of the match engine. So if in 2d you can see a mazy dribble from your speedy winger, then you will in 3d too.

09-09-2008, 15:36
There is one engine, but 3 representations for it. Commentary only, 2D and 3D. What you see in 2D you will see in 3D..only it will be in, well, 3D.

09-09-2008, 15:36
yeah, just been reading up on the 3d engine on the sticky, looks promising :thup:

thank god about the graphics/facepacks, i think ive finally got the majority of everyone on my game now :D ive got the Orcrists collection...fantastic facepacks

09-09-2008, 15:45
Which ones? The only link that I can find to their mega facepack is in japanese :(