View Full Version : Squad Number/Non-EU Player Display at Bottom of Squad List

08-09-2008, 21:37
Hi there. I'm new to the forum, and have searched for the issue i'm having, but can't seem to see it anywhere.

Here goes...
I've just started a new game with Villarreal on the newest version, but there is a small section at the bottom of the squad list. (I have noticed this has been there in other games i've had with clubs such as Almeria, although i'm not sure if this is exclusively to do with the Spanish league)

It tells you the number of non-eu squad players in your squad, as well as the number of squad numbers assigned. My problem is that is really annoys me, and I want to get rid of it, basically. My main gripe with it is that as soon as you select/deselect a player in the squad, it snaps back up to the top of the screen immediately.

I know it sounds like a petty things but it really annoys me!:mad:

I would be thankful for any help you could give me :)