View Full Version : Why is there no Transfer Budget?

08-09-2008, 18:55
I'm playing with Man Utd and i know that there is a lot of debt at the club but over the last 2-3 seasons i have had ZERO transfer budget. Have to sell players to make funds. Has this happend to anyone else too?

08-09-2008, 18:58
Haven't had it happen at Man Utd but I have made them slide into the red. I've had it happen at West Brom but signed Genero Zeefuik on a free to make sure I had goals coming in to keep me in the EPL. My advice is to scour the 'contracts expired' market to see if you can find some decent freebies. Otherwise, just get out of there :D

08-09-2008, 19:03
Yeah i have bought a couple of great free players like Mario Gomez, Van den Borre and Baletelli(spelling?)....but don't even want to leave the club with players like saivet messi ronaldo and aguero currently playing...but this budget is becoming a big pain...