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08-09-2008, 18:45
Hi, im not at all 'game programming' minded but was wondering if the following was possible...

When you start a new game you are able to select small, medium and large database. Is it at all possible to have an option to include small database but with additional young players e.g. under 21's?

I ask because I dont really want to select medium/large database as I prefer to play the game by bringing up young players through the ranks and I find that if I select small database it misses out lots of these players. My pc is really not too up to date and I cant afford to upgrade :(

If your able to select additional leagues with your game then I wonder if its possible to do this by selecting specific type of players?

Thanks in advance for any feedback...

08-09-2008, 19:01
its not possible with the in game options as they are now, there my, however be a ddt file, or similar that would do it, id suggest having a look in the editor's hideaway....

Matthew Le God
08-09-2008, 19:07
You could use the editor to filter for all the players over 21 and then delete them one by one. Would take a very long time though :)

08-09-2008, 19:30
I'd suggest you play with the following settings:

Small DB
All English Leagues active (down as low as you want to go, anyway)
Brazil, top league active
Argentina, top league active

You'll get the fun of finding and importing top youth talent off of the Brazil and Argentina sides, especially as they will generate great regens .. and it sounds like that's really where you want that game to go.

If your computer could handle it, I'd suggest adding top leagues elsewhere in Europe, as it makes the Champions League more fun for a long-term game, e.g., Italy, Spain, France, Germany, maybe even the second-tier leagues as well. That'll give you a better blend of EU/non-EU regens from global scouting.

But, no, I don't know of a DB that does what you're hoping for.

08-09-2008, 21:23
thanks for all the replies. would it be possible to add as an option in future FM's? maybe fm2009 or 2010?