View Full Version : Audio issues with FM2007 and 2008

08-09-2008, 17:18
I have an iMac Pentium Dual Core 2.16. I also have a PreSonus firewire MIDI interface connected so I can use Apple's Logic Pro music production application, with headphones connected. The only audio that comes through the headphones is coming out of Logic Pro.

I also have Out of the Park Baseball's latest release. That also includes crowd noises like FM. Out of the blue, I was playing OOTP and no audio was coming out of my computer's speakers. It was only coming out of the headphones plugged into my MIDI interface.

The next time I fired up FM2007, same thing. The only way to hear the audio is through the headphones on the MIDI interface. I can't even hear it when I plug headphones into the back of the computer. iTunes and Quicktime all work fine, the audio plays through the computer.

Does anyone know how to adjust the audio in FM? I've disconnected the MIDI interface and restarted the computer, and that doesn't work. I've check the audio setup for the iMac, nothing. I unchecked the Play Audio option from the FM Preferences screen, then rechecked and restarted, still nothing.