View Full Version : finding and applying the FM 2008 8.0.2 Second patch

08-09-2008, 07:45
I currently have installed the 8.0.2 117931 (m.e. v665) installed on my machine, however when i click on check for update it says there is a newer version available , yet that i cannot get it in SI's database, is this correct that there is indeed a 2nd version of the 8.0.2 patch out , and if so where can i get it from???


oh also i tryed the torrent link from the thread that has the "updated" patch but that still gave me the same build number


08-09-2008, 16:13
afaik thats the most up to date one there is, in that thread. ignore what the game is telling you.

edit: just checked mine and thats the same me build as i have. remember miles talking about the number when it was released, saying they didnt want it to be build 666, so youre on the right one!!