View Full Version : dying for a fresh challege

07-09-2008, 23:58
Ok after i have consistantly set myself targets near enough impossible im asking here. I would like a fresh challege somthing of a mid table League one side is ideal. I want to be able to build a side that i can call my own and use it as it climbs to the championship.

Any ideas.

08-09-2008, 00:01
I had a wonderful time with my Hull City game. I would recommend it, first asked to avoid relegation, not that hard to get south american players to support starting team!

08-09-2008, 00:02
Hereford, Just got promoted from league 2 i suppose actually this would be if you have an update? other wise they would be league 2..

08-09-2008, 00:03
im using the 8.0.2 database

08-09-2008, 00:04
What about someone like.. Bristol Rovers, Had a good little cup run last year? few decent players

08-09-2008, 00:07
funnily enough i was thinking about them or Carlisile but good little cup run settles it Bristol here we come. cheers Kyle Ltfc

08-09-2008, 00:08
I'm ready for a fresh challenge but I can't face starting a new game on FM08. Roll on November 14th!

08-09-2008, 00:09
no worries

08-09-2008, 00:20
just starrted and im worried already. the team has no strenth in depth, not a great budget and i have a single goalkeeper worth his wages.

Its a challege im liking though as im used to having a dominant team with Rangers

08-09-2008, 00:25
Makes it even greater when you get the team promoted.. I had my luton game going and i've got them to the championship at the moment.. I cant wait till 09 comes out to start with them with -30, makes it even greater supporting them! :)