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Cardiff Fan
07-09-2008, 19:31
I have been playing the game from cm days through to fm days, I have always noticed tactics to be downloaded, sorry for being really dull, but how do you download these tactics and do they automatically end up in the tactics folder of the game ?

Just fancy having a bit more success with some new tactics

07-09-2008, 19:35
theres usually a link with the tactics that gets you to where you can download them from. once theyre in your tactics folder on your pc, you can import them through the tactics screen in the game...

07-09-2008, 19:38
make sure theyre unvipped( use winrar and press extract the folder)
move the file folder into:

Your name>Documents>Sports Interactive>Football Manager 2008>tactics

and then as rinso says import them in the tactics screen