View Full Version : Problems with my FM game.....

27-08-2008, 19:44
I can't load up my FM 08 game (it is already installed). It comes up on the first message that it cannot find the defualt database, then (WX Frame) Not found!! and also Font/vera not found.

Anybody got any idea what has happened and how to fix it so I can get my game up and running again?

27-08-2008, 20:32
If you're on Vista:-

Uninstall using Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel.
Delete the cache folder C:\Users\<User Name>\App Data\Roaming\Sports Interactive
(If the uninstallation gives you an error about being unable to remove the data folder go to Program Files and manually delete the Sports Interactive folder)
Put the FM disc in.
Cancel the 'autorun' at whatever point it is possible.
Right click your CD/DVD drive and select 'Open'.
Right click 'setup.exe' (exe may or may not be visible) and select 'Run As Administrator'.
Do not tick the option to have the game start once it installs.

When installed right click the fm.exe and tick the box that says 'run as administrator' (or words to that effect). If you create a shortcut and start menu do the same thing.