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22-08-2008, 12:30
What to do guys? I am Luton Town, in my first season, Dean Morgan is my top striker, his sensational the whole season. However, my board only allows me to offer a maximum of 2.1K/week to a player as my current wage budget is much much more than the maximum wage budget allowed by my board. (It was like this when I played Luton) Do I really have to sell him? :(

Btw, I won the League and PtStone Trophy. Will it have any effects on the Wage Budget they will allocate me next season??

22-08-2008, 12:36
If his contract is up at the end of the season, wait until the beginning of the new season and he may accept a new deal. You'll probably get 3-5k/week limit for next season and it may be enough.. good luck :)

22-08-2008, 12:41
Alright thanks.. I'll post an update on what happens.. :) My final game of the season!!

22-08-2008, 12:58
If he does go, have a look at Elvis Hammond - he's amazing in L1/2 - see my Brentford thread for stats..

22-08-2008, 13:01
Oh, I already have him at the start of my season :P Well his sort of my third choice, played 32 scored 8 assisted 11. Talbot's my 2nd, but he broke his foot and was out of the rest of the season. :/

Anyway, I've sold Morgan to Swindon who has persistent interest on him the whole season, oh well. I'm allowed to offered a maximum of 5.5K/wk now, but his not interested. I have this young lad called Chris Martin though, his only 19 has Dribbling 15 and Shooting 20. Alongside with Talbot, they should make a good strikeforce. :)

22-08-2008, 14:18
Leo Fortune-West... May be old but he is always prolific for me.

22-08-2008, 14:40
Hm, Leo Fortune West is not in my game. Any idea which club he is from? I couldn't find him from the player search function. Anyway, there's this player called up from my youth squad, his called Alan Tait, 15yo and his quite amazing. :D

22-08-2008, 14:45
I'm guessing he has retired then... He normally does in the first season. Unless that is he plays for you and you ask him to stay, 100% success rate :D

22-08-2008, 14:45
Try Victor Moses from Palace you may still be able to get him on the cheap and his wages are quite low, if so he's a fantastic young player and can play in CAM or up front. He's very prolific up front.

That's a possibility


22-08-2008, 18:41
try releasing him then approaching him, they sometimes lower their demands when they dont have a club

23-08-2008, 03:41
Thanks for the reply guys.

COTA, his currently on Stoke City who plays for Premier Division :/ Apparently, they bought him for cheap for like E22K and his now their vital player. Darn. He has a value of E2.2M and I don't think I am able to afford him, plus his on a 2.2K/w contract now :( Nonetheless, he looks pretty decent!

Anyway, Dean Morgan's a flop for Swindon anyway. :) Hammond is sensational! He and Talbot seems to work very good together.. I'm currently 2nd in my league.. with 2 more games to go.. and then it's Championship! But Barnsley is close behind me.. I only have a 1-pt advantage over them..

23-08-2008, 04:38
This thread seems to be more of a focus on how im doing in the season isn't it?

Anyway, I lost to Colchester in my final game, and Barnsley won their final game. I am third, and won the playoffs. So now im promoted into Championship!! Go Luton!

Are there any suggestions on how I can improve my squad that can at least secure ourselves from relegation?

GK: Vincent Enyeama
DC: Michael Spillane
DC: Michael Dublin
DC: Keith Keane
ML: Kieran St Aimee
MR: Dave Rooney
MC: Francisco Merida (signed from Arsenal for E9.5M!! We have a huge kitty this season :) and he was pretty sensational last season as well)
MC: Kevin Nicholls
MC: Aaron Ramsey
FC: Drew Talbot
FC: Elvis Hammond

S1: Carlo Nash
S2: George Pilkington (was amazing during my first season with Luton, but he was horrid last season.. probably hoping to offload him and bring in a new defender)
S3: Lewis Emanuel (Lm)
S4: Sam Parkin (S)
S5: Alan Tait (regen, hoping to keep him, his attracting alot of attention from other clubs. :()

And the rest of the squad looks like this..

GK: Dean Brill
Defenders: Ian Roper (DC), Asa Hall (DC), Martin Armstrong (DC)
Midfielders: Kevin Watson (DM), Jamie Tolley (MC), Gary Collins (AML/C), Ben Porter (AMR), Paul McVeigh (AM/F RLC), Richard Langley (MRC), Danny Murphy (AMC)
Forwards: Danny Welbeck (BIG FLOP, signed for E4.5M last season, he is DISAPPOINTING :(), Chris Martin

Anyway, I have a transfer budget of E5.75m.. Hopefully I can get some advices on how to improve for the upcoming championship!!

From the looks of the squad, I think the niche area is our forwards I guess.. As mentioned in the previous post, Talbot and Hammond are sensational working together.. :)

and I am using jambo dave's 3-5-2 so I don't think I need full-backs..

*edit: I have signed Enyeama for E1.4m, signed Dave Rooney for an unnoticable sum, signed Michael Dublin for an unnoticable sum (his a DC) and Aaron Ramsey on Full season Loan. and something funny, Sir Alex retires, and Arsene Wenger has taken over his position.. o.O