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12-08-2008, 22:34
is more info on injuries. Can't remember what version it was but when a player was injured you could pause the game and it would say something like 'possible hamstring injury'. I would like it now if when a player gets injured, you see something like 'the physio wants to give him 5 mins to see if he can run it off' or 'That could need stitches' so you now he could be off for 5 minutes or more. Yes I know you see the players fitness reduced by certain amounts but sometimes when the game has ended you get told they have a serious injury but have allowed a player to continue because their fitness only dropped by 6/7% indicating a minor knock.


12-08-2008, 23:00
If you go to the player's profile when they get the injured sign during a match it gets listed as 'potential' whatever. But they should put it back in as info in the tactics screen or the player ratings screen if possible.

It's been brought up before and the whole 'risk vs reward' alongside physio and player interaction is something I'd like to see expanded on in match and after match. Not sure how exactly it could be implemented in terms of player -> manager relations (player wants to continue but you take him off -> impact on favoured personnel rating maybe? Could depend on reasons given like importance to team that he stays fit, importance of upcoming matches etc.)

You could probably come up with a bunch of different scenarios in relation to 'substitute/don't substitute' decision.