View Full Version : Difference between playable and view only

01-08-2008, 22:04
I have just started a new career with southampton, and loaded the italian, spanish, english(obviously) leagues as playable, and the argentinian and brazilian as view only.

What is the difference between them as i have noticed it hasnt loaded all of the players from each of the south american clubs.

Wouls i still get a good number of regens when set to 'view only' from argentina and brazil, or will it be less than having the leagues loaded as playable?


01-08-2008, 22:09
View only leagues means that the players are not loaded from those leagues and mostly grey players are used. There will be some regens from Brazil and Argentina and nowhere near as much as there would be if the leagues were playable.

01-08-2008, 22:14
OK, cheers mate, will load the game up again then as i have only just started it.

01-08-2008, 22:19
Ok, but just to let you know playable leagues obviously make the game slower than view only leagues.