View Full Version : when does a player actually turn into a coach

the pernambucano of football remainders
15-07-2008, 19:11
after countless 2-3 season games, i've decided to do a long term game with valencia and would like to get medieta and canizares to soon become coaches. i know they have their post playing career intentions in their personal section and you can advise them on what to do but when do they actually become coaches, as i remember in old fm games, once a player got to a certain age, you could offer them player/coach contracts

Michael Barker
15-07-2008, 19:15
yeh i remember when you could offer then player/coach contracts, then eventually full coach contracts. Yet to see this with my own players and I'm in 2018! Raul and Puyol both had managing jobs at Murcia but both got sacked because they were crap, but now Puyol is at Barca!

15-07-2008, 19:23
If they decide to coach, they will get a coaching profile when they get their badges. Its usually a year/6 months before they retire I think.

16-07-2008, 00:26
Probably more players should become coaches. I did some long term holiday games and very few of the managers in the 2030s-40s had ever played league football (with a few notable exceptions).

I'm tempted to do a proper analysis and compare it to real life, but SI should be the ones to do that, really.