View Full Version : Need help regarding squad creations.

15-07-2012, 14:57
hey, i decided to create a team based on me, my friends and my local area. i decided to put us in the blue square prem. i got rid of a team in there already to make it 24 teams, so thats not a problem.

the problem i have however, is that i named all of the players accurately, but yet when i go into their squad i see they all have different names, and regen faces (i think) and im confused considering i named them.

admittedly i only did 11 players, because i couldnt be dedicated enough to make an entire squad, so i thought they would just create the others by itself, but then when i opened the file i noticed they had different names. does anyone know a solution to this? im a bit of a noob regarding creating teams/players in FM, so any help is greatly valued. thank you.

15-07-2012, 19:04
From what I understand the players you created didn't even appear in the team. When you start a save you'll have to choose the database that has the players you created, maybe you went with the default database.

15-07-2012, 19:43
i will check on this now, but from what i remember, it was in the save i created the actual club in, and i created the players, and then signed them for the club

17-07-2012, 15:22
i just checked again, and im loading the edit file with the january update database. i dont see what ive done wrong. its times like this i wish i knew more stuff about the editor/creating squads on fm.

17-07-2012, 15:25
Have you ticked to use real player names from the database? Since you've edited these players in, they will have become "real" to FM

17-07-2012, 17:42
well dont i feel like an idiot. i thought selecting real players meant it didnt use my created players. silly me. thank you.