View Full Version : FMH won't work

29-06-2012, 19:24
I paid 6.99 and installed FMH on GT-S5363 but it won't work. Is it compatibale on this device? When I go into my google play account it says it is.


Marc Vaughan
29-06-2012, 22:14
Can you indicate a little more about your device - FMH requires a minimum resolution of 480x320; is your device at that or above? (if so it should work).

Also what happens when you try and run the game exactly - can you indicate an error message if one appears.

Alari Naylor
30-06-2012, 15:26
I believe the GT-S5363 is a variant of the Galaxy Y, in which case it won't work and shouldn't be showing up as compatible. Could you email me directly at alari.naylor@sigames.com please?