View Full Version : Search for a player by role?

27-06-2012, 15:41
Can this be done? I'm creating a 4-5-1 but using for example 2 central defenders with their role set as "defend" Can i look for defenders who are best in that role?

I've never done this before... it does sound like a noobish question..

27-06-2012, 15:49
Not directly.

But you could make your own filter that matches the stats needed for the role. Then save it as 'CB Defend'. Then you can always use that for finding players that have stats that fit that role :)

Like this one, I just made: "Central Defender, Defend role" (https://dl.dropbox.com/u/2690754/FM/CB%2C%20Defend%20%28Eon%20Ravenhand%2C%20Aug%20201 1%29.pft)